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DEER LORD! - Review

DEER LORD! - Review

The Game

DEER LORD! is a new party game that we backed on Kickstarter and got a chance to play recently. The deck is split between "Duel" cards and "Do Something" cards. On your turn, you play one Duel card (such as "Who can best imitate a famous landmark?") and battle it out with another player, trying to convince the rest of the group that you are really the best at whatever is on the card. Pretty straightforward.

The new and exciting bit comes in with the Do Something cards, which are goals you have to accomplish when it is not your turn--without getting caught. Examples include "Smell another player's armpit" and "Call another player by the wrong name." If somebody else thinks you're doing something on your card, they can call you out on it--"DEER LORD!" 

the drink: Beer Lord!

This drink is a pretty easy one. 

Pour your favorite beer into a giant cup. You might need two beers depending on the cup.

That's it! 

Beer Lord


Our Review

We really liked the "Do Something" aspect because everybody starts acting really weird to disguise the strange thing they're actually supposed to be doing. Since the other players can only successfully call you out if they identify WHAT it is that you're doing, you might stand on your chair and hum to yourself while staring intently at another player so nobody knows exactly what is on your card. This was especially successful on our first game when nobody knew what "Somethings" were actually on the cards!

We liked a lot of the physical challenges from the duels, such as "Who can do the best crab walk?" It was a great way to get everybody up and moving around.

Another positive is that yelling out "Deer Lord, Haak!" will literally never get old. I feel like a grandmother in her living room armchair reacting to a pre-teen grandchild that's run a little bit too fast past the internet box that is probably very delicate. I never can get that darn thing to work...

Anyways, it's pretty much the best. But then you remember that it's "Deer Lord" and that image pops into your head and... 😂

Some of the more conversational and emotional challenges got... a little too real. "Who can fake cry the best?" sounds like a great challenge, but then we were all sitting there thinking about dead puppies and trying to make ourselves cry. Aww... I'm getting sad again just remembering it.

Games like this have a tendency to make you do uncomfortable things, which is kind of the point. But, this can be risky when somebody feels like they're being pressured to cross a line or just not enjoying the corner they've been pushed into. If we were a little less competitive, we could have just forfeited some of the duels that we didn't like, but who is really willing to do that? #NotMe

This might be one where intentionally stacking the deck with cards that are good for your group make the game better. Luckily, there are already several expansions that let you do just that! We have yet to try them out, but I see great potential there.

The Breakdown

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ - this is a really solid game in its genre
🍹🍹🍹🍹🍹 - highly recommend this game to drunk people
💭💭 - there's barely any strategy, but that's not the point of the game 😄
📖 - super easy to get started and learn